Rapid Fire Posters - Monday 2 December

Rapid Fire Posters - Monday
Poster Board Paper Title and Author
P002 Obstructed Hemivagina and Ipsilateral Renal Anomaly (OHVIRA) : An audit of patients managed at the PAG unit of a tertiary care hospital in Kuala Lumpur
Iffat Ahmed
P003 Wharton-Sheares-George-method to create a Neovagina - a simple way of making MRKH-Patients happy?
Irene Dingeldein
P004 Congenital uterine anomaly : Pitfalls of MRI based diagnosis
Doyoung Kim
P005 Overview of Mullerian Anomalies and Surgical management of Complex Obstructive Anomalies: An extensive case series of adolescents presenting to the Queensland Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (PAG) Service between 2004 and 2019.
Brooke O'Brien
P008 Safety and Tolerability of Drospirenone 4.0 mg in Female Adolescents Over 6 Cycles With a 7-Cycle Extension Phase in a multicenter trial
Dan Apter
P009 Contraceptive practice and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among adolescents requesting termination of pregnancy in Hong Kong
Charleen Cheung
P010 Proactive Contraception Provision to Adolescents in New Zealand: a Concept
Rebecca Duncan
P011 “We're kidding ourselves if we say that contraception is accessible”: A Qualitative Study of General Practitioners’ Attitudes Towards Adolescent LARC use and Proactive LARC Provision
Rebecca Duncan
P012 “No Contraception for the Unmarried”: A Qualitative Study Exploring Sexual and Reproductive Health Care for Adolescents in Eastern Indonesia
Jeany Wattimena
P013 University Students Presenting to a Specialized Contraception Clinic: An Analysis of the University of British Columbia IUD clinic
Aalia Sachedina
P016 I don't think we can ever have absolute surety that this is the right thing right now: Navigating patient and clinician uncertainties in fertility counselling for transgender adolescents.
Timothy Lai
Susan O'Connell
P018 New Insights from Unbiased Panel and Whole-Exome Sequencing in a Large Chinese Cohort with Disorders of Sex Development
Li Xi
P019 Adolescent Gynaecological Presentations and Outcomes of Patients with Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD) in a Tertiary Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (PAG) Service.
Brook O'Brien
P021 Molecular and phenotypic spectrum of Noonan syndrome in Chinese patients
Li Xin
P022 The role of autoimmune ovarian lesion in the pathogenesis of secondary oligomenorrhea in adolescent girls
Vera Andreeva
P023 Trends in teen menstruation and menstrual disturbance. What have we learnt from the MDOT (Menstrual Disorder of Teenagers) studies in 2005 and 11 years later in 2016.
Melissa Parker
P024 Results of treatment of central precocious puberty with GnRh analogues.
Anastasia Vatopoulo
P026 The genital tract microbiome in adolescent girls: a possible player in gynaecological conditions?
Ebony Gilbee
P027 Iatrogenic causes of protracted course of childhood vulvovaginitis
Nadezhda Kokhreidze
P028 Lichen Sclerosus: An Uncommon but Treatable Cause of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Prepubertal Girls
Alla Vash-Margita
P029 Vulvovaginitis in young girls
Anastasia Vatopoulo


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